Total Beginners Workshops 2-3pm daily

For those unfamiliar with the art and who want to give pinhole photography a go there will be an open drop-in workshop each day from 2-3pm. Workshops are free and take place in the Fletcher building at the back of the hot houses.Camera design discussions will also take place after the afternoon workshop at the Botanics venue Base.

Open Darkroom 12-4pm daily

Each day from noon the large festival darkroom opens itís door to all pinhole photographers to be able to use the darkroom as a base to develop images they have made of the Botanic Gardens or of the surrounding city. Come and share your photography with other like-minded people.

Ilford Pinhole Camera Testing

There will also be a chance for photographers to test out Ilford Harmanís new Titan 5x4 camera along with Ilfordís new direct positive paper.


Discussion Sessions

There will be camera discussion sessions 3-4pm at the Botanics festival venue each afternoon where pinhole photographers can come along and share their camera designs and photographs with like-minded photographers.

Stills Gallery Advanced Pinhole Photography Workshop

Stills Gallery will be running an advanced pinhole photography course on the 10th and 11th March. For more information :Advanced Pinhole Workshops

Primary Schools Workshops 10-12 daily

During the festival over 200 children from local Edinburgh schools will take part in pinhole photography workshops with photographer, Kenny Bean. The workshops will be held each morning in the Festival Base in the Fletcher Building, Royal Botanic Gardens.

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